Linetronic Technologies is a Swiss company with its headquarters in Arzo (Mendrisio), in the canton of Ticino. The company was established in 2000; thanks to a young, energetic, and highly skilled technical team. The roots and the ability of the company go back on a historical gain, with years of experience in manufacturing and designing. A wide range of analysers for petroleum testing therefore allows us to expand and develop new analytical platforms. The year 2000 saw the presentation and arrival of the new software operating under all versions of Windows® characteristics, which are very simple to use. The development of this software project has adhered itself to the already existing range of products sold earlier to its clients. This allows the client the possibility to keep their analysers up to date while giving highly qualified technical support. It also allows them to complete the instruments area with the new range of automatic laboratory analysers Newlab, without the necessity to instruct the staff. In order to satisfy its clients, in 2003 Linetronic Technologies launched a vast and complete range of manual and semi-automatic analytical instruments onto the market which are conform to the numerous petroleum norms. At the present, Linetronic Technologies is engaged in the development of new on-line analysers which have always created a quite big interest and a very good reply on an international level for an exigent clientele. Philosophy Employment of market standards (electronic, informatics, analyses). Based on the principal of absolute respect towards analytical methods ASTM, IP, ISO, EN, DIN. Development Analytical systems, which go with the exigencies of each client. Implementation Incorporation of the analytical system within the Laboratory. Incorporation of the analytical system onto the production lines by respecting the norms. Results Direct correspondence of the norms between the analytical systems for laboratory and processing. Same method and same standard. Comparable results, which give a total satisfaction and sureness to the user. Advantages More speediness, developed efficiency, a direct link between the laboratory and the production, user facility and low maintenance costs of management. Linetronic Technologies’s products are for: Authorities of certified controls and/or certification Authorities of sureness and control Central laboratories, pipelines of refineries Customs laboratories Airport laboratories Electric Centrals Food industry Laboratories for control of vegetable oils and of greases Laboratories or private institutes Pharmaceutical industry Producers of additives Producers of oils and lubricants Quality control of the Product Research Laboratories of petroleum Companies Storehouses of oils and lubricants Linetronic Technologies’s concept Since July 2005 Linetronic Technologies is ISO 9001.

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