Cloud Point - Pour Point - Cold Filter Plugging Point - Distillation New - STARDist STARDist is our brand new Automatic Distillation Unit and includes new and innovative features such as Optical Dry Point Detection, Voc Cold Trap, HD Volume Scan, Automatic Heater Lift, Smart Heater Control and much more. Methods: ASTM D86, D1078, D850, EN ISO 3405, IP123, JIS K2254, and other related methods AirSTAR CFPP Analyzer Passion for innovation and petroleum testing drove us to develop AirSTAR CFPP for Cold Filter Plugging Point testing. Of course, AirSTAR CFPP Analyzer fully complies with the requirements of relevant CFPP methods. And it is equipped with all functionality you expect from a modern CFPP instrument. But see for yourself whether CFPP testing was ever so good before:) Methods: ASTM D6371, EN116, IP309, JIS K2288, EN16329 (linear cooling method) AirSTAR CPPP Analyzer This fully automatic instrument for Cloud & Pour Point testing is based on ColdBlock, the exact same cooling unit that is also part of the AirSTAR CFPP Analyzer. The CP/PP Head is a "2-in-1" tester for both Cloud Point and Pour Point testing. It is equipped with a smart HD camera to interpret sample behaviour and determine the test result. Pour point testing is based on the "tilting methods" ASTM D97, D5853 and D6892. AirProbe D86 Digital temperature measurement for Manual Distillation Testing. Watch AirProbe D86 on YouTube Methods: ASTM D86, D1078, D850 STARDist Lite Semi-Automatic Distillation Unit based on the hardware of the STARDist automatic distillation unit, with Peltier based, liquid free condenser cooling


Analizador automático para el ensayo del Punto de Obstrucción del Filtro Frío, según las normas: EN 116, IP 309, ASTM D6371, JIS K 2288, EN 16329


Destilador Automático, con muchas características innovadoras, de acuerdo con: ASTM D86, D1078, D850, EN ISO 3405, IP123, JIS K2254 y otros métodos relacionados


Analizador automático para los ensayos de Cloud & Pour Point con la misma unidad de enfriamiento del AirSTAR CFPP, según las normas: ASTM D2500, ISO 3015, JIS K2269m para Cloud y ASTM D97, D5853, D6892, ISO 3016, JIS K2269m, Chinese GB/T3535 para Pour

AIRStar CFPP Automator

El AirSTAR CFPP Automator, es único en el mercado y una excelente manera de actualizar su baño de enfriamiento manual a un poderoso equipo de ensayo de CFPP.

STARDist Lite

Unidad de destilación semiautomática basada en el hardware de la unidad de STARDist, con refrigeración por Peltier, condensador libre de líquidos, según la norma ASTM D86